Laohaus: The Blog, The Glory was conceived as a way to draft and engage people concerning a brand new Lao food project.  The Laohaus blog if inextricably connected to the ambition of Laohaus the book.  Larger in scope than the triumphs and foibles of one Stratford restaurant, the intention here to cultivate love, appreciation, and knowledge of the food of Laos.  In the hands of two first-generation Canadian brothers of Lao heritage, and a hapless white guy, the story told here is one of diaspora cooking traditions. By exploring the food traditions of Laos, we seek to find strength in discovering heritage, and in sharing what is discovered to also find strength in diversity and multiculturalism.

To make a long story short, this blog is about Lao food from a Lao-Canadian perspective. The intention is to look at what stretches back into the past, what has changed in this new environment, and most of all to look forward and see where diaspora Lao food traditions are going.