This is a story that was relayed to me second hand. Not a primary source. Gossip, if you will. It involves a very nice couple enjoying a meal at Laohaus. I’m told they were extremely pleasant.

They said that they had eaten there last year and they were excited to eat there again. After they’d finished dining – and my how satisfied they were – they whispered and pointed, noticing Chris had wandered from his kitchen domain into the far side of the dining room.

Do you want to do it?

No, you do it!

Together they gathered the courage to approach him. They told him how much they liked his restaurant. There was a sort of concern however that it was not well advertised. How was the rest of the world to learn of its existence if he didn’t have an ad plastered to the side of a city bus? Did he realize how much faster an ad relays a message than word of mouth?

Well, Chris is alleged to have said, I like it like this. I think it’s cool that people eat here and decide to come back, or they tell their friends to come.

True, the couple retorted, but imagine if you had your ad up on a city bus, just like another restaurant in town. Everyone that came to Stratford would know of the restaurant’s existence!

If I had money to advertise on a bus, Chris began, I wouldn’t advertise my restaurant. I would just plaster my face across it. It would just be an ad with my face.

Yes, I guess you could do that… Well, we had a lovely time and the food was amazing! Hope to eat here again soon!

And then I assume they left. Although they might have washed up before they left. These second hand stories leave so much out.



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