“Like with the spicy thing, I don’t know how to do that – it’s not in my culture, we don’t do the mild, medium, hot, suicide, extreme because at the end of that scale is real ethnic spicy that people eat every day. We didn’t have to invent that system. We’ve already toned it down so much so other people can eat it. If it says on the menu that it’s spicy, it means it’s a dish with spice! People sometimes order a dish that says its spicy, and then they complain ‘I don’t want to pay for this! This is too spicy to eat. It said it was spicy but if it said it was extreme spicy I wouldn’t have ordered it.’ Maybe I should start saying at other restaurants: y’know, this food is bland. I don’t want to pay for it because it didn’t say how bland it was going to be on the menu – because that’s how I feel.”

– Chris Sananikone



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